A waist cincher also called a waist trainer, is a type of bodice support garment that has recently gone viral thanks to Kim Kardashian. It is now taking the fashion world by storm. Everybody wants to be the first of their group to own one. Before a purchase is made, however, it is a good idea to find out what materials are used to construct the garment. Sizing is an important consideration with any foundation product. It is a good idea to know about the different brands that manufacture the item. A visit to best waist cincher reviews comment threads can answer many questions a prospective buyer might have.

Best Waist Cincher

There are many different waist cinchers made by many different brands. The best waist cincher for a particular buyer will depend on a few different things. The body type of the user must be considered. Also important to remember is what kind of support they are looking for. Whether the user plans to work out in their garment is another factor to think about when deciding on a purchase. Some models are made specifically to give comfort and ease of mobility during a workout. The top waist cincher is not too long for the torso as that can cause uncomfortable rubbing underneath the breasts and around the hip area. Neither is the perfect waist cincher too short as that can provide uneven smoothing. Each person must find the one that works best for their size, shape and support needs.

The best waist cincher is not too long for the torso as that can cause uncomfortable rubbing underneath the breasts and around the hip area. Neither is the good waist cincher too short as that can provide uneven smoothing. Each person must find the one that works best for their plus size, shape and support needs.

Waist Cincher Corset Vs Waist Cincher Vest

Before shopping, it is important to examine different styles of waist cinchers and how they are used. The waist cincher corset fits all the way around the body from just under the bra down to the hips. It smooths bra bulge, spare tire and muffin top. The waist cincher corset focuses on trimming and smoothing the waist itself and is shorter than usual corset designs.

The excellent waist cincher corset is a favorite for its ease of wear and comfort while providing the smooth trim figure that all women want. The waist cincher corset can trim a few inches off of the waist while smoothing the unattractive bumps and lumps that have been the bane of women for centuries.

One of the biggest complaints about the new less expensive waist cincher corset brands is that some of them won’t stay put. Women have reported problems with some of the corset style garments rolling at top and bottom. Another often mentioned problem is when the garment rides up around the hip area. An ill-fitting garment can cause discomfort due to rolling and movement under the breast area. A low-quality garment will not give good support and can stretch making a smooth and trim profile unlikely. It is important to look for a brand that can demonstrate satisfied customers. The waist cincher review threads that are attached to many of the items can give a good idea of the quality of the product. Reading the customer comments can give valuable information about the pros and cons of each type of waist cincher.

Some of the comfort problems of the waist cincher corset are answered in the waist cincher vest. The vest style cincher works much the same way as the corset style cincher in that it wraps all the way around the body and provides smoothing front and back with emphasis on the waist and abdomen. The difference in the waist cincher vest is that it has shoulder straps that hold it in place. The vest sits under the bra in the front and sometimes has a high back for added support. Some waist cincher vest models are simply the corset model with added detachable straps for a more versatile garment. A high-quality vest model of waist cincher can give the best of both worlds. The straps provide a secure, comfortable wearing experience all day or all evening.

Waist Cincher Materials


Most waist cinchers, also called waist trainers are made from latex. Latex is a natural rubber product that when processed into fabric is ideal for compression garments. The high tensile strength provides for the longevity of the product. The excellent elongation quality provides for the bounce back properties necessary in bodice support. Latex is not a breathable fabric so many latex waist cinchers feature a soft cotton lining for comfort next to the skin.


Some waist cincher models use a latex cotton blend for the outer shell with a combed cotton inner shell for maximum comfort to the wearer. This combination provides for breathable comfort, especially in warmer climates, while maintaining the strength and durability.

Latex free blend

For those who are allergic to natural latex, there are other options to fill bodice support needs. Many brands offer a blend of cotton and synthetic latex. Synthetic latex is a man-made substance that highly resembles natural latex. It is used anywhere a latex free option is needed.

Zipper closure

Some waist cinchers feature a zipper closure for ease of dressing. Zippers are made of cotton with steel teeth and are set into the garment with cotton thread.

Hook and eye closure

Many waist cincher models feature the hook and eye closure method. Hook and eye closures are made of steel and sewn into the garment with cotton thread.

Velcro closure

Many less expensive waist cincher styles utilize a velcro closure. Velcro is made from Nomex and nylon. Velcro is sewn into the garment with cotton thread.

What Are The Benefits of A Waist Cincher?

The benefits to using a excellent waist cincher bodice control garment have been debated for literal centuries. Many women wear a waist cincher to achieve a small waistline to look more attractive in stylish clothes. A lot of waist cincher styles, especially the vest model, provide added support for the back. They also encourage holding the back straight when standing or sitting. In fact, better posture is a demonstrated lasting benefit to using a waist cincher garment. A waist cincher can aid weight loss as well. The firm compression on the abdomen promotes a full feeling and is a reminder not to overeat.

Waist Cincher Reviews

Bodice support garments have been around for hundreds of years, and they are not going anywhere soon. The new styles of waist cinchers provide something for everyone. They are available in all fabrics, sizes, and colors. There is a waist cincher garment to fit any body type and any budget. It is always a good idea to check out the waist cincher reviews threads for vital information about which is the best choice before making a purchase.